Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A letter to my readers

Dear Readers and Friends,

It all starts with inspiration. Any step we take. In the morning, motivated by the warm cup of coffee, buttery toast or the healthy bowl of oatmeal and honey, we climb out of bed, willing our feet to touch the chilly floor. What's next? A series of little rituals as we head into the day.

        As an artist, I am inspired and gratified by materials, especially fabric, my medium of choice. Several years ago, I don't recall how many, I was digging through a box of vintage fabric that was in the middle of a dusty outdoor flea market booth. There were several yards of interesting fabrics, all blues. I'm guessing they were from the 1940's. I grabbed it all and struck a bargain. That purchase still remains a treasure, and it never fails to motivate me to create something.
        This year is off to a snowy white subzero start. And what is warming me up? That stash. And from it I've got some fabulous little creatures for you! I'm mixing the creamy whites and blues and tossing in some toasty mohair for good measure.
Save the date and place, PFATT Marketplace, February 10. New things will be there. In the meantime, enjoy the time to hunker down and savor this time to move at a slower pace, with introspection. Busy spring will be here before we know it!

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