Monday, February 10, 2014

They're ready!

They are ready for you! My newest works. The little bunny has delightful 1930-40 subtle print ears, is 5 way jointed and has a fluffy mohair tail. His nose is stitched on using old string, which looks just like what was used back in the early part of the 20th century for details. His glittering German glass eyes have been gently distressed by me. His tie is from an old rug ball. He is a new pattern and size; measuring just under 7 inches, sitting. $65 plus shipping. Purchase

The egg shaped pinkeeper, Le Poche Lapin, "The pocket rabbit" is also a brand new design. The egg is filled with gently washed raw wool to preserve its lanolin in order to keep your "sharps" lubricated. If you are a quilter, this pin cushion, with its heavy glass insulator base, is for you. I've tucked a few pretty pins into already. The little bunny that is tucked into the pocket is just a touch of whimsy, and why not? Life's too brief to not enjoy a bit a silliness! $40 plus shipping. Email to buy

The dove pinkeeper is fashioned from the fabulous fabric, decorated with leaves and scrolls, that I found at a flea market years ago. The base is frosted blue glass, and there is a ruffle of very old lace.
So many pretty details have been lovingly stitched into this dove! Her wings are vintage wool and feather stitched, and her shining eyes are onyx beads. $65 plus shipping.
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$65 plus shipping

purchase $65 plus shipping

purchase $65 plus shipping

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