Monday, January 27, 2014

To be Happy

W.I.P. or "Work in Progress"

I'm working on some springy things for PFATT Marketplace. Here is the one on my lap now. almost done.
 I fell in love with this fabric when I found it at the flea market. I stumbled onto a lot of cool vintage stuff, and this one was just simply stunning. Cool creamy background, blues and a pop of gold.
 A frosty glass base, a glittering eye of onyx. Creamy mohair, and woolen wings.
Well hello there! My goal is to be happy this year. Life has thrown a few curves my way.  Stitching always takes the blues away. So here comes some cheerful little creatures. Happy, let's make some happy.                             
 One stitch at a time, dreams take wing. So fragile. So full of promise. One feather......
One wing, ready to fly.

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