Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Color and texture in the Garden

 More 2012 Gardens! This garden was full of color and texture, much of it from foliage.
 Succulents tucked into a stone.
 Leaning tower of terra cotta!
 Layers of interest provided height via poles. I think of these as birdfeeder supports, but look at them here.
 Another water feature.

 How to add interest to a fence, think of it as a canvas.

 This next garden is a professional's home.

 No lawn mower needed at the curb. I loved it!

 The pond was tucked away and worth venturing out to explore.

 A lovely shaped urn.
 Stairs leading to a grotto, planted instead of stoney.

 European Wild ginger. A friend just gave me some this year. Thank you Sue!

 More than one of a kind, this is usually what a pro does. Beginners get one of everything, and that leads to a busy frantic look. This repetition says "calm."

This weeping spruce was huge, and spectacular. 

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