Saturday, April 13, 2013

Look what they've done to my song!

This recently showed up on ebay, an old friend. However, I didn't mean for the body to show and the bows on the ears and shocking pink collar were not done by me!

No, "look what they've done to my bunny!" I must say that this costume job can't be attributed to me.
While I can't control what people do to my things once I have sold them, it concerns me that others may believe that this was my hand that did this. Here is the original design. Which do you prefer? Does it matter to you, all you artists out there when someone alters your work?

I just wish they would say they changed the costumes if they resell. I much prefer my own muted colors on this fellow. And he looks much better dressed as a boy.

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Hanni said...

Wow, this is very sad, you can see the knock-off is terrible made, I love your design, you can see the quality. It is sad how people copy things and pass it off of their own designs.