Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring has sprung, Teddies at auction, "Ma seule raison d'être!"

There was an notice on the doll collecting board for an auction coming up shortly. A googly eyed bear stole my heart. I stole some screen shots, but the photos are protected from being pinned and "stolen" so I was only able to get a few measly shots. I've been missing the bear world, it's kindness and creativity.
Here is the bear:
 Don't you adore her face? Her body was a cloth one with her paws being mohair. A close up below:
I love her pink frock as well. This reminds me when I dressed one of my new old fashioned stick bears in adorable faded pink doll dresses. Google "Chiswick Auction" if you want to look at the catalog yourself.
Do you ever google yourself? I did, and it led me to an old friend: 
I made this guy many years ago. I took him to one of my first bear shows. He didn't sell then, but he did catch the eye of a fellow "artist." Very soon after a bear appeared on the cover of a magazine, with a copy of his hat! I was shocked at the brazen theft of my design. Unfortunately copy is not flattery. It's theft. I learned a lesson from this experience. I choose to now release new designs to publishers first, then take the bear on the road, or put him up on my website. 
I was sure glad to see this guy again, I had such a love affair with clowns. And I love using bits of flotsam and jetsam, old wool and different colors for paw pads. This bear was my stick bear look, and it  still is a favorite design.
I have news: I'm riding again! I have a lovely mare named Charity. She is dainty and sweet, with a backwards question mark blaze on her face, and two little "bobby socks" on her hind legs. She's very sensitive, learns quickly, and has already, in just a few short weeks made progress under saddle.
Here she was enjoying her dinner last night:

I recently had to take some little French girls to the farm with me, because their host family became ill. Since they were both keen riders, they each got to ride her. It was so fun to see them on her, they were both kind and Charity did well with them. Here's a look:
A relaxed trot.
   A satisfied smile:
The girls were so tiny we had to double the stirrup leathers around my stirrup irons many times!
It was a fun day. Today you'll find me at the barn again. Were you horse crazy as a girl? The rider above told me her horses were "Ma seule raison d'être!" ( My only reason for existing )
I was just as passionate as she, at 12 years old. Horses really do make life worth living!

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