Saturday, April 13, 2013

The backyard of the elegant garden house

 The owners experimented with tropical themes. While not for everyone, I admired their bold adventuresome designs.
 They took great care with different textures and shapes of foliage.
 The original chain link fence!
 It's hard to capture just how grand this house is. This photo shows just how thirsty the grass is. And it is no doubt a water guzzling time consuming chore to maintain.
 You can see where the chain link is, here to the left.

 A pair of pots containing some type of pine trees at the back border. It's an entrance to a secret garden? Or just a clever illusion to something beckoning from beyond ? It was clever.
 The side yard shade was a welcome respite from the sun. The guy in the green shirt was one of several workers watering that day. I can't help but wonder what Pam Pennick, the author of "Lawn Gone" would think of this expanse of lawn and expense!
 A clever entrance, or shortcut to the back patio. It seems smallish, yet gives intimacy to this huge yard.
 I think this is the best photo I took of the patio. It's stunning. Click on it!
I think this is all the photos I took of the garden house. What a wonder it was. It was definitely a favorite on the tour. I still have a few houses from 2012 to cover, so stay tuned.

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