Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Garden tour belated update

 I love seeing the working areas of a garden. Look at these lovely Haws watering cans.
 The upper deck was a wonderful and like a treehouse. The gardener displayed potted mosses and succulents alike.
 The detailed paths were so interesting. The patchwork moss garden was edged in a variegated leafed Heuchera which I tried last year. The plant didn't like my dry shade garden and perished.

 This tiny vignette was one of many lilliputian delights. I neglected to get a better shot of the orchids. The gardeners had a way with them.
Sorry I've been missing! Blogger changed settings and it was frustrating for me to even get signed back in. I finally cracked the code. Here is more of the fabulous June tour. Too bad my own garden is so crispy. The rains are fickle and are choosing to fall elsewhere.

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