Sunday, July 29, 2012

More of the elegant garden house

The inside of the house was as lovely as the outside. Potted plants and vases of cut flowers were everywhere.

The entertainers. I chuckled because their casual attire clashed with the surroundings. Their music was lovely though.
Vignettes of moss and little plants graced tables and benches. The pots were also incredible. This house was worth the price of admission alone, and I still have more photos to share.

I liked this row of antique stone posts. The swags of chain broke up all the linear lines of the stone planter edges.

This house had such extensive gardens, it was clearly evident that passionate gardeners lived here. They also had hired help watering and mowing. You get an idea from the back yard of just how huge it is. Only the very well to do could afford to maintain this. I was very grateful that the owners were so gracious to share their lovely home with the community.

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