Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lucky stepping stone

First a flashback to a tiny pond I made years ago. I am missing the iris I had on the farm. I think I need to get some this year for sure.
My oak leaf hydrangea is blooming. I planted japanese blood grass to accent the jardiniere.

Here is a chunk of mosaic floor from the salvage yard. I think it looks pretty awesome. Rusty things are not easy to find, nor or round thing-a-ma-jigs for the path. I keep looking, so far only a $25 but totally cool rusty door. Too pricy.
I made a stepping stone by pouring a concrete stepping stone kit into a plastic tub, greased with shortening to allow it to pop out. I smoothed it down as if it were a batch of brownies, and pressed the horseshoe in the top. VoilĂ  it looks amazing, and adds a curvy element to the path.
I love that chunk of marble with its tiny crustaceans in it, at least that´s what they look like to me.


vivian said...

im loving the unique path you are creating! lots of interesting stuff! I wish I liked to garden.. I love gardens and admire them and even more so, I admire the people that create them!
have a happy day!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Vivian, your pink hair is gorgeous! Thank you for the kind words about my path. I;m so wanting it to be as wonderful as the Organic Mechanic`s path. And we gardeners love to share our gardens with non-gardeners. Be careful though, once you are bitten with the gardening bug you`ll be obsessed!