Saturday, June 2, 2012

Birdbath for $3 bucks

Here it is to the left, my $3 birdbath. Can you guess what it is? If you see lampshade youre correct. And I snagged it from the curbside. Okay I admit it, it was in a trash can, screaming :HELP ME: do you see how fabulous I am? Of course I did and having no shame whatsoevUH I slammed the brakes and snatched it. I ripped off the horrible shredded fabric and gold braid, popped off some slit plastic straws that covered the long wire sides, and placed the Goodwill silver dish on top, with a few flat marbles for funzies.

This morning Two of my friends toured our gardens, and one of them generously shared giant and mini hostas! What a sweet thing to do. I pulled some weeds because I felt a little guilty, those suckers are $$$ beaucoup bucks at the garden center, if you can find a giant blue hosta. I was just saying how my shade garden needed some bigger bones, structure if you will. Now I have some.

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