Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garden tour Part One

 This house was total wow factor! Private and lush, with many areas for entertaining. It had been on the market for a while for well over a million. It didn't sell, but I'm sure it wasn't because it lacked amenities. A friend of mine sneaked a peek at the pool.
 As I approached the house this long low branch caught my eye.
 Round topiaries softened the angles.

 Shade plants with a tropical flair hinted at the owners' love of Florida. The guides informed us that the owners were in the sunshine state that day.

 Creeping Jenny cascades down the sides of this jardiniere.
 Inside the green thumbed owners continued to impress with groupings of exotic plants.
 The owners' love of topiaries was seen inside the house as well.
 Beautiful arrangements in very tall vases flanked a window. Everywhere you looked there was a little vignette or a lovely plant. I took so many photos of this house that I need to post the outside rear gardens tomorrow.

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