Monday, June 18, 2012

Planted Water Garden

 Here it is, with some flora. There is fauna too, as I bought a few fish. Blue platys to be precise.
 The platys are so shy they hide in the water hyacinth. Bummer!  They're so pretty.

 The antique metal piece has a bit of blue paint hanging on. Architectural salvage is a favorite way to bring interest to my garden, so the water feature got its own bling.
 The marble base of a pier mirror dresses up the front of the basin, like a rug.

 I am too tired to go get the plant list. Sorry, its all new to me except for the siberian iris, a garage sale find.
 Oh wait that is parrot's feather at the base, and I tucked a loose sprig of it in the clay saucer birdbath. The gold finches love this birdbath.
 Lastly this little shelf lady was a thrift shop find for less than $2 bucks! Beat that if you can. 
I think I'll get her an air fern for her shelf. 

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