Friday, June 1, 2012

Constance Dead

Sweet 16! It`s Leah´s birthday August 9th. That means it`s our 17th anniversary June 9th. Here is the trellis arrangement. I planted Scarlet Runner Beans to cover it, one growing up each pole. I have one extra for the little metal trellis behind the container garden.
A shrub rose I bought from David Austin is doing well, and I added a label using the nifty concrete markers I made last year.
The trellis needs another board at the bottom of the wire I think.
Constance is not living, I;m afraid. Here she lies below:

Well the lovely folks at David Austin Roses want me to snap a pic of said dead rose and email it to them. So here it is. I also took better pics of the trellis, and the garden after our glorious rainfall yesterday. The path I started on Tuesday looks like it needs more stuff, but it needs to be free. I went back to the salvage yard and the deal I got last year was not to be repeated. $5 bucks for a few pieces of salvage. They were cool, but not enough, I need more. I made a paver with concrete and embellished it with a horse shoe. It looks great, I`ll have to make more.

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