Thursday, May 31, 2012

Concrete Sink

I was really missing Constance Spry. I tried to (illegally) start one from a cutting, but I failed.
I ordered a new one. And she`s dead. The other roses I bought are flourishing. But Constance, wonderful rose of my beloved Kingfisher Farm, the rose I had to have again, pined for, dreampt of and cried over leaving, is dead.
I soaked them in the bucket. I even added slow release plant food and composted manure. Constance was the reason for the trellis, which hubby calls the jail. Honestly I was just tired of that awkwardness of looking at the neighbor sitting there looking back across the lawn. I wanted privacy, pretty privacy. I guess it`ll have to wait another year. David Austin Roses is already sold out.

Okay I admit it. I spent too much time drooling over Pinterest photos of sinks. I soon realized after checking prices on eBay that ownership of such sinks were not to be my destiny. So I did a Craig`s list search and found a concrete sink. Hubby was livid and said no. Of course I had already agreed to purchase it. Then my truck started making noises, providing the perfect excuse not to go to Peoria to get it. But they said, hey, we´re going your way, we`ll deliver it. Meet us at the Cracker Barrel! So the sink was now mine. I fancy a water garden in one side and a tree in the other, but what kind? I`m not happy with the block base. We had to pay to get it carried to the back yard, this sucker is HEAVY! In case you are wondering why my accents and commas are all wonky it´s because I have my keyboard set to Spanish and can`t yet figure it all out. So of course when sink was in place, sink didn`t look right. Hubby growled. Impossible to move! Hey why can`t we use your auto jack? I`m a genius. Deal with it.
As soon as I figure out what to do with the sink I`ll take some pictures. Just in case anyone wants to see.

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