Saturday, June 2, 2012

Botanical Gardens again

I saved some photos from our trip to the gardens. The Japanese garden is amazing in Spring. This was the first time I`d been there before the fountains were up and running, yet all the tulips and daffodils were almost done. Iris and tree peonies stole the show.
Tulips were hanging on, giving it their best.

This wonderful sheep sculpture greets you as you approach the Home Gardening Center, which was preparing for a grand opening weekend. We were not allowed past the gates but we could admire the pergola.

Petals falling into crevasses in the paths and into water features gave a sense of ethereal beauty.

The rhododendrons and red buds and cherry trees were in full bloom. The last week in March is the perfect time to see the Japanese gardens. Even the koi were curious and hoping for handouts.

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