Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Cottage Garden, circa 2012

 A lush cottage garden was ready for guests. Even the table was set on the patio.
 But first you had to walk up a shaded path.

 The house itself is straight out of a fairy tale, the good kind!
 Pebble paths and berms beckoned exploration.

 The downspout was used as a trellis.

 Ivy covered the entire chimney and almost obscured the entire peak over the front door.

 An arched shaped door. Just as charming were the cones of flowers flanking the arches.

 Pieces of stone made the rubber dish stable, I'm sure.

 The home owners were dog lovers as well.
This door is just like the ones that used to grace my childhood church. 

An inviting table, the pretty dishes adorned with song birds.

They created privacy with a painted fence.
It must have been a lot of work to plant. They succeeded in every detail! 

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