Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sweet song

My beautiful violinist.

When she saw this picture she excitedly said," Oh wow, look at that form! Ms. Bock would be so proud of me! Her bow is perfectly parallel to the bridge.

We have a debutante in the family, debutante violinist. It is quite exciting to hear her progress. I am actually quite in awe of this. She gave up her wonderful choir at Millikin University and her piano teacher. I am not sure from where the inspiration came to try something completely different, but I am pleased with how devoted she is to practice. Here below is her first month, before the new chic haircut:

And one more thing, the violin is a she, and her name is Beyoncé. Thought you'd get a kick out of that! Did you play an instrument as a kid? If so did you regret quitting? Or do you still play?

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Peng Peng said...

leah's hair cut is cute! wow, violin! what a treat to have live "strings" in your home. what a talented gal, must get it from her mommy :) I played the guitar as a kid and still do.