Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm worried

This is the famous Moulin Rouge. This is LouLou.

He and his owner Teddy, live here in the street, panhandling or "faire la manche" to make a living. LouLou's owner lost his foot to cancer when he was a boy, so in order to be independant and have a dog, he choses to live in the street. In order to be cared for in France, a handicapped person is not allowed to have a pet. I imagine it is the same here. Teddy explained that he found LouLou in "une poubelle" or a trash can. It is hard to say who saved who. Teddy gets around in an old fashioned style wheel chair, and it seemed to me that everyone knew him. He always thanked people who gave him a few Euros. I know that cynics will say that the dog is a draw, a way to get attention, but I noticed a lot of people who begged had dogs. I am certain it is the companionship that is most important. An old woman had a dog, and she was cuddling it under an umbrella, as rain poured down, her legs protected by a plastic bag as she sought refuge under a doorway. But where are Teddy and LouLou teddy today?

This is Paris today:

(photo credit: Reuters)

As night falls in Paris, a record snowfall has hit Île de France and the temperatures have plummeted. Even the Eiffel Tower was closed today. I hope these two are safe and warm, with something to eat. And for that matter I hope all the homeless everywhere find refuge this bitter cold season.

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