Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall decorating

I love the little Molly in the tub, a Steiff from the 1940's. The tub is old ironstone china.
Karen O'Brien made the wall teddies. I love my tiny Dutch shoes. I have fun finding just the right thing for my old bedraggled teddies, sometimes in the most unlikely of places. The little red white and blue bow on the stick teddy in the drawer came in a button box full of dirty old buttons.
See the little green Schuco monkey below? He went all the way to Paris and back with me. He whispered in my ear, "Don't leave me here! They don't understand me, I don't understand them! And they mock my green fur!" So my little fellow went to Spain, and then home again. I'm so glad I didn't leave him there.

Fall decorating is making me happy. I am just getting settled in the new house here in the Maple Woods, and I miss my fireplace. So I am finding other ways of making the house cozy.


Peng Peng said...

tiny shoes and green monkey! u have a knack for displaying old treasures. glad to hear u are settling in to your new homestead :)

Liou said...