Sunday, October 17, 2010

Autumn chez moi

Bindi and Sparki survey the yard looking for squirrels. The neighbor behind us has a group of koi ponds and a little bridge.
The view from the patio, and my neighbor's lush shade garden.
The maple tree was so pretty last week, yesterday, below, it is drying out and shedding a lot of leaves.
My daughter found this bearded hedgehog mushroom, which is edible. People also call them lion's head, and in the Orient it is called a "monkey's head" and is known for it's antioxidant properties. We are just going to sautée it and add a sauce and pasta.

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Peng Peng said...

monkeys head mushroom.. that is one BIG shroom!

nice mature maples in your yard. bet you will be busy planting next spring!