Friday, January 2, 2009

Algebra, a pocket owlet and baby brother Gadget

Algebra is the taller of the 2 owls. Gadget is his redheaded little brother. They are available in my Etsy shoppe. This is Woodland Bluebird, sorry she sold as soon as I put her up on Etsy. She smiles broadly from under her acorn cap.
I just listed on Etsy this little Barnyard Bluebird, so she is available now.

Algebra and Gadget want you to know they are ultra modern UBER cool GEEKS!! And they are made from the coolest fabulous 50's cotton cloth. Yes it is vintage, a major score last summer. I bought it during my blue mood, which in turn inspired my "Once in a New Moon" update on my website. I still have a few things from that update on my website, and I am working hard on a new collection soon to be unveiled. For now, you can see new owlets and Teddibax in the Etsy shoppe.


Peng Peng said...

whew! you are a busy lady! owlies and pinkeeps, oh my! :O) barnyard pinkeep is way's that chubby baby shoe, lol.

Ginie-Lee said...

Hi Pam, I've just started following your blog and wanted to say that I love your creative use of mohair, I love bears of course but how cute are those owls and birdies!!!
Hugs Ginie :-)