Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coat Shopping

Ok, my coat lining is harder than I thought, it's sewn in the armhole seams, and if I pick it out that means I have to resew the armholes too, this makes me nervous. Hubby said if I stopped shopping online and got to work I'd be done already. Does anyone else have a hubby that talks too much?? (what nerve!) He said that: Coat #1:

Would make me look like Pat Nixon. Coat #2:

Would make me look like Edith Bunker. Oh Archie!! Coat#3:

Would make me look like a fur person, "You're not a fur person! What if someone said, look at that fur wearing #%*&?" Coat #4:

He laughed and walked out of the room!!
So readers, what do I get? Coat number one and a cocker spaniel named Checkers?
Coat #2 and make my daughter wear a blond wig with pigtails and a rat tease hair helmet on top??
Or #3 and a black toy poodle??? (With a rhinestone leash and collar of course!)
Or #4 and a chocolate toy poodle, red rhinestone collar and leash and red beret????
I'm leaning towards#4. I can't see myself as Pat or Edith I just dont have their personalty. I like the certain "je ne sais quoi" quality to that one, and I could wear a pin on my lapel that says, "dont worry its FAUX!!
What do you think? Just kidding about the poodle. But hey, no one's stopping me!


Peng Peng said...

well, hubby is trying to stop you.. but us women do what we want anyhows. esp when it comes to coats. Though he does a valid point about edith bunker.

Go for #4 leopard.. i think it's classic!

I scored a faux tiger striped dress coat at the thrift for ONE DOLLAR. Then again this was 15 yrs ago.

try the thifts a few more times?? ya never know!

Jayme said...

Most men don't have the proper appreciation for vintage fashion. It IS a little about fantasy - so go for the leopard. And I think a teensy chocolate poodle would be perfect. Thanks for stopping by my blog - it's nice to meet you!