Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pony past

I love looking back at the days when my daughter rode a pony, the prettiest pony. We rescued her from a bad place. In turn we were rewarded.
Jezabelle was painfully thin when we got her. When we went to look at her, however hungry she was, she moved out in a gorgeous flashy trot. I told my husband, OMG, she's too much pony for us!

My husband insisted we buy her, saying, she's only $400 dollars!
I was really angry, thinking she wouldn't be safe. And as I put a saddle on her the first few rides, she proved me wrong, at least at first.
Then, with her feet trimmed, her teeth floated, vaccinations, and a steady diet of wholesome food, Jezzy became a bit belligerent. 
She even started to stand on her hind legs, refusing to go forward.
Enter our baby sitter, Kelly. Kelly said, "Don't panic, bring her to me." So we did, and four days later Leah was riding her!
She was soon showing her too, and she proved to be a packer. A packer is a pony you can put on a trailer, take anywhere, and she'll be the same where ever she is.

This picture above, is Leah riding Jezzy after a very short time with Kelly.
I love this photo, matching braids. Kelly is an awesome groomer too. They looked like a million bucks!

Leah will go to college in the fall and the pony is now being loved by a new family, teaching their children to ride. They've been garnering quite a few ribbons too. I'm reminded of a line in a Carrie Newcomer song "the childhood race is quicker than the speed of sound. You were once my baby"
And now she is driving a car, working at the bookstore and studying. I'll never forget the days when those things weren't part of the equation. Kelly herself is about to become a mom! Ah the pony past, those were fun days.

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