Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Inspiration from my collections

My Halloween Badges were inspired by something I've had a very long time.  In the past, when you attended an important meeting or event, the person in charge wore something on their fancy suit to tell the world, " I am responsible for all this wonderfulness, you lucky people." Here it is. Now wouldn't you feel like a peacock strutting about in this? 
The back is a simple stiff mesh, that you often find inside hats of the same period. Lightweight and supportive.
Oh the lovely printed fonts. Such elegance!
And the metallic fringe, the thick sequin held in place by a single golden bead.
The lovely folds of silk ribbons. Yes these people knew what they were doing.
And there you have it. My fascination with badges began with the discovery of this one long ago.
When I found the bag of badges at a flea market I was so happy! I still have the Halloween badges for sale. Hurry, the witching hour is upon us!

Here are my Halloween badges, $20 each. Email me to purchase.


What do you collect? Has your collection inspired you to create?

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