Saturday, February 16, 2013

Flashback to gardens visited last summer

I took too many photos. I always do. Right now I am taking too many of my adorable students! I am surrounded by such exuberance daily. Now that the weekend is here, I can reflect in the calm and quiet and what I am really wanting to see is green. Trees, shrubs, and leaves, and oh how about some moss? Let's see what I dig up. Here goes.
 First we're back at the elegant garden house. Lighted topiary in the dining room, before stepping outside to hear the delightful dripping and trickling fountain.

 This was a very tall vase on the floor. It echoed the architecture.

 This succulent was huge.

The tablescapes were vignettes of little pots and adorable tiny things. This is what I'd like to do today, find some green and put it under glass.

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