Sunday, January 20, 2013

The new blog header photo is my daughter's bedroom when she was little. She chose the blue paint for the walls, and I decorated with what we had on hand. This was the first day, and it didn't stay like this long. I look back on my days at the farm, and the happy times we spent there. I love decorating those old plaster walls. It was such a grand old place. All the roses I planted so lovingly, some became monsters, and some were stayed manageable, and some the winter stole. I miss them so! Last summer I tried again to grow David Austen Roses, and they couldn't survive the intense dry heat. Here's to a new year. Painting, dreaming, and pausing to reflect on what was and still is, most important.

Above, my beloved Constance Spry.


19thcgirl said...

Pam, I always so enjoy your posts. You are creative and make things interesting wherever you go. :)

Kingfisher Farm said...

Tricia, Thank you so much. I enjoy your posts as well! Kindred spirits we are!