Saturday, June 9, 2012

The fountain for the concrete sink!

Pam Pennick of DIGGING, a wonderful garden designer showed a fabulous fountain made from simple materials, which she installed in her Austin Texas garden. Eureka! It was just what I needed for my concrete sink. So I headed to ACE hardware and got all the supplies. Pam explained how she did hers, and I made a few adjustments to suit my purpose.

I hope no one thinks this is an ad for Tidy Cat kitty litter. I just wanted to show that you can use and recycle responsibly.

I had some extra mix, so I made a few stepping stones using paper bowls.
This might be overkill with the photos, but I thought maybe you´d like to see what I bought and how I did it. I spent about $40 bucks since I had to buy everything, which included the 60 pound bag of concrete mix. I already had a pump and the pea gravel I used to decorate the top of the concrete. I may not ever be seen but I went ahead and did it anyway. I´ll have to cut away the kitty litter bucket when it all cures. I can´t wait for it to cure so I can cut away the mold and turn it all on. Then I will have to get some plants. I bought some SIberian Iris at a garage sale, and have some creeping Jenny I can use, so I may not need much. I can´t wait to show you the finished product. It may be Monday, or Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend.

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