Sunday, February 26, 2012

Antiquing again

Cute little dachshund!
I'm not sure why anyone would want the trophy, but the bird poster was an ornithologist's dream.
I love this booth, I could take all of it home with me.

I was especially fond of this cubby.
I escaped for a few hours with my sister. I am always amazed and amused at the optimism of some dealers. Hope springs eternal, as my friend Peaches would say! I saw a very dirty and battered teddy bear for $400. He was in awful shape. Next to him lay a 1950's era rayon panda in similar shape for $95. Again, really overpriced by at least 90 dollars, unless you like to overpay for grungy bears.
I was anxious to see Hannah's House Antiques. Her booth used to be a favorite of mine at the Washington Illinois mall. She moved here, and has a large corner booth. Alas, prices were out of my reach, although as usual she had lovely prmitives. I found a little frame for a baby doll stroller
and splurged on some crystals for an altered art project. Now that my studio is better organized, I have room to work.

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