Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And down came the snow

Snow has fallen so deep! School has been closed for 2 days already. Hopefully tomorrow things will be back to normal. As dangerous and inconvenient as it is, it is lovely. We made a pot of veggie soup and are staying warm.


It's hard to see the squirrel and all the robins in this tree, eating the berries. We never have robins in winter, everyone is talking about how bizarre this is.


We had to dig my heated birdbath out of the snow! The robins immediately came for a drink.


the pets wanted to eat the birdy smorgasboard!


Peng Peng said...

yes, wez got way to much snow! enough already, lol! i saw a robin in the woods.. they are around if you look for them. glad you guys were safe indoors w/ veg soup :)

Hanni said...

My goodness, what a cute picture of your whooly monsters! Especially with the cat in the middle. Just great!