Saturday, September 25, 2010

Parisian Problem

There is a problem in Paris. A lot of people do not take care of their dogs. People walk them, and even in some of the most elegant quarters, one has to take care where one steps due to the piles of you know what. There is also a huge stigma in France, they just think it is somehow wrong to spay or neuter their pets. So, just as there is a problem with feral dogs and cats here, there is one also in France. So the city of Paris is trying to get people to change their ways, and be responsible for their furry friends. I loved these small billboards, and the Eiffel Tower on the dog's head. Too cute. But I can tell you that on residential side streets people are just not picking up the piles. It was pretty disgusting. Imagine trying to look up at all the architecture and at the same time dodge piles of stink. I think that they are going to have to start giving out tickets to make people start feeling the pinch in their wallets. A program for school children wouldn't be a bad idea also.

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