Thursday, September 23, 2010


Starting over a new leaf today. I am devoting time to working with children who are learning English as a second language, and I am really enjoying it. Kids don't care what mistakes you have made in the past, or whether or not your hair is dyed or your clothes fashionable. They live in the moment. They are honest. They are appreciative. When a child grabs your hand, and wants you to be homework buddy day after day, you know you have done something right. I don't do their work for them, I try to support their efforts, encourage them, and give praise when they do well. It seems to be working, and this is giving me a lot of pleasure.
Live in the moment. Do not indulge in past mistakes, rather, strike off again, and redirect all energy towards positive ends. ( I took the above photo in Madrid, Spain last month in the city garden. There were a lot of feral cats there, and I wondered how they found food. They seemed wary and alert, and did not allow humans or dogs to get too close.)

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