Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mushrooms again

I don't think these are chanterelles. Darn. I think they might even be poisonous, so I asked an expert and am waiting for a response. Some people are getting a lot of mushrooms already. The fall season is underway and it's still late summer!
I rode my pony today, so hot! Poor Jezzy didn't want to move. In the barn there was a surprise. The nest that a bird built on the radio that hangs on Jezabelle's stall is a Carolina wren! The babies are now opening their mouths wide.
Apples are falling to the ground now in all the heat, and tomatoes are finally happy! I have new things coming up on Ebay tonight and new things tomorrow on PFATT Marketplace.
'SHROOM UPDATE: These are russula's, very acrid and bitter. So not edible. Not thought to be toxic but not good to eat.

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Peng Peng said...

apples, tomatoes, shrooms.. what a backyard bounty you have! only mushrooms we get are the tiny brown ones after it rains a lot. not the sautee-ing kind ;)