Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday's thoughts and a score!

My "poulette" ( french for baby chicken ) went thrifting. This is what I found. Can you guess what it is? I will put all good guesses in a hat and pull a winner, who shall receive a prize! I thought it fitting to find a piece of Americana for the Fourth of July!

I just scored an antique heavy salt glaze pottery item at the thrift. I never get much at the thrift anymore, the new manager raised prices and got rid of the volunteers that used to give me deals! When something is old she knows it and marks it way up, mostly way more than it's worth. But this time she just knew it was old and put it in the case. For giggles I asked to see it. I about died. I kept looking at it in disbelief that it was what it was and how cheap! It has a modern simplistic circular design and is very heavy.

We had the 7 layer taco bell nachos. YUM! Last night Mr. Kingfisher kept telling me not to eat the mushrooms and forbade Leah from eating them. They are among the "safe 6" easily identifiable. I've not seen them here on the farm before. I'm still alive and gosh they were good! I'm going back out for more, there were some little ones coming up.

My horses always entertain me.
I made their pasture bigger the other night. Jezabelle is so smart. She saw me out pounding posts and started to get very excited and running around, she KNEW what I was doing! When I opened the gate and she and Kiddo flew by me. It was so fun. I hung all the laundry out to dry that day. The wind blew it dry in a jiffy. Today is cool. Good sleeping weather! We've had a scorching heat here in the Midwest, so it is a welcome respite. Happy Fourth Everyone!


CARole said...

Hi Pam, is that an inkwell? Now do I win the red shoes? LOL-you didn't tell us about them. Are they for sale? Did you find them at the thrift store? I want!

Kingfisher Farm said...

LOL! Hi Carole! It seems you are the only one reading my blog these days. No, good guess, however it's not an inkwell. Try something hotter! The shoes are fabulous and sadly aren't mine. Some lucky person got them on eBay several years ago. I just needed something red for my patriotic theme. Nice to hear from you! Pam