Monday, July 6, 2009

Jenny Wren

Jenny Wren sits on her rusty wire nest, farm archaeology at its best, found object base with lots of rust and patina. I love using old objects. The character they have cannot be duplicated. They have an honest raw beauty. There is a pocket in my pin keeper, also a Fuzzibax invention which contains a genuine antique bird call! This pin keeper has a wire holder, in which I have tucked an antique photo of 2 school girls. It is really beautiful as a sculpture however you can use it to hold pins and needles. Wren spins on top. Overall height is 9 inches. From her humble nest she learned to fly....
This could be the most powerful statement made, nothing from nothing? No something from effort and innovation! Fly! See her in my Etsy shop. She was featured in Stuffed magazine's premiere issue.

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