Monday, May 25, 2009

My Garden of Weeds, Garden of Knowledge blooms.

I am not pulling weeds, I am writing papers and taking tests and quizzes and observing classes. My creative life is on hold for a bit. But here are some images I snapped last week of my flowers. My mini pond is about overun with honeysuckle and iris. The big pond is teeming with tadpoles.
I am commuting several days a week to university and have a lot of stress. As the oldest student I feel I have a lot to lose if I fail! I mean, my life may be over half over, but I am determined to be productive. I have a long road ahead of me. I must in order to teach French, pass the OPI or oral proficiency interview. But now my head is all Spanish, and I don't have the c0ursework to graduate in that, it would take years more schooling. Alternate certification programs dont exist in foreign language these days. So this summer I have embarked on a new journey. I do miss creating. But my studio is not as enticing as the barn. Gotta go ride and burn off some stress! Happy Trails and hope you enjoyed my garden. Pam

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Peng Peng said...

hey girl, you're studying hard for a greater good, to teach and inspire students!
i see your garden is thriving... our clematis just wilted and shrank away LOL.
Even though you're busy with studies & not crafting as much, it's always nice to see what you're up to :O)