Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hello March Moss

Its back! And showing the wearing of the green. The most delicate and fresh hue of green there is.

The squirrels have made a pile of the eaten walnuts, and one of them is either a portrait sculptor or a comedian. I have proof!

See what I mean??

Now this is what I call eye contact. Rewarding eye contact.

I love a blaze face. This one is especially dear to me. You can see her double whorl, proof that she is a genius among equines.

This blaze face is also clever, clever among his kind. He's been with us a year now, and really changed things around here. I'm not always sure its a good way. I still miss my chickens.
Bet you want to see what's in this precious little box, dontcha?? Well you have to beg me. If I don't get any requests to see what's inside I am just going hoard what's inside. And sit in the chair, munching my Girl Scout cookies.

I am certainly not in the mood to pick up a needle. It's 70 degrees outside! That's insane!
But I'm not complaining and neither is all my moss.


Inge Vivianne Galli said...

Hey you cookie monster! time to show what's in the box, curiosity is killing me!! LOL

Theresa said...

okay okay I want to see what's in the box... PLEASE!!!! :)



Peng Peng said...

the walnut shells are... nutty!
you gotta save a few of those!

i already know what's in the box, so i needn't ask, lol!

but i will on behalf of everyone else: what's inside???

vintagepaletteart said...

I want to see too! Love your moss Pam and the empty nut shell is hilarious! Silly squirrels! And what adorable faces you have there!

Hey.....pass the Thin Mints over here.........hehehe!

Hugs, Lori