Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter ways

I caught a bad cold, just in time for the weekend, but Pride and Prejudice came in the mail. So in my horrid state I slumped in the sofa and watched it twice. There are so many versions of this put to film. I loved the scenery and costumes, and music. The interiors were breathtaking. The views of the English countryside were wonderful. The girls so giddy, you wanted to contain them. I loved looking at the carriages and horses. All were so well groomed. I have read many criticisms of the casting, but nothing is perfect, I just enjoyed it for what it was. And it was very engrossing, I did watch it twice!
I edited the content of this post to move on from it!


vintagepaletteart said...

I know there is one thing that I said I could never be and that is a teacher. I don't think I could deal with all that plus I don't have the patience. My hats off to you Pam! Sorry you have to deal with such rude children. =o(

Kingfisher Farm said...

Hi, I tried to leave you a comment but your blog only allows comments from other blogger people....I am typepad!!

I hear you with the whole teaching high school kids. I do substitute teaching here in Australia and I refuse to do any high school classes. I get all my work at around 5 primary schools in my area and they are always have a good day with them.
I think teenages have their good points but a whole class of them together and you get those bad eggs it can really put a dampner on your day. love your little creatures too by the way!!!

Peng Peng said...

hi P, i say take a flask with you next time, LOL! Or do push-ups in the teachers lounge ;o)

Kingfisher Farm said...

Well, yesterday I didnt administer tests, I was actively teaching. I had a much better day. I did speak with the teacher, and she admitted that this kid has been giving her problems for quite a while. The girl was punished. Also, this teacher allows her students to study at lunch, one class has a split class period. So that was why one class was so angry with me. Sorry kids! It makes no sense to me to let them look up answers at lunch, but the teacher says if they dont know it by now, looking at the book over lunch isnt going to help them much. Every teacher has their own way of doing things. The principal told her to leave me more detailed notes next time, as to what she allows and what she normallly does. To her credit, she did leave a lot of helpful details.
Its hard to know what each teacher allows. Actually impossible! One teacher gives detention for chewing gum in class, and this teacher does not! Ok I'm moving ahead and putting this behind me. I vented and its time to get back to making folk art today.

Inge Vivianne Galli said...

Forget the teaching Pam!! Lets do another project together?

Maybe something cute for Easter? A fun Bun to cheer you up ..LOL


Outside the Box Primitives said...

ONE OF MY very favorite all time movies...yummy!! hugs, robin