Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today was an exciting Day!

Leah has added more hardware to her spelling trophies. She placed 2nd at the Macon County Spelling Bee, there were 35 competitors. I was proud of her sportsmanship. She congratulated kids seated close to her as they successfully spelled a word. She was poised and confident. I hoped she would win, but 2nd place gets her to the Regional Bee at Millikin University, where she is a member of the Children's Prep Choir. She said she hopes she sees someone she knows at that bee. So funny. I think if she studied more she would have won, but she doesn't study, she just reads and reads. She reads as many as 6-7 books a day when she has time. Today she read Wendal, His Cat, and the Progress of Man by v. campudoni. IF Leah were to win the regional bee, she would win an all expense paid trip to Nationals!! I am still down with the flu, day 6, but I couldn't miss it. I had to get a cough drop from another parent. I had to run out to keep from interrupting by coughing, but I made it. It was so fun to see the diverse group of kids, there was a brother and sister, they are Muslim. Their father came and congratulated us. Since his children also placed in the top 9, they too go to the regional in March. I loved seeing the children's mannerisms, dress and appearance. It was so fascinating and entertaining!
I was so nervous. She ended up in another spell off at the end, and I thought she would win, but she misspelled words! There were a lot of younger spellers. OK I am rambling on, thank you for all your good wishes!


Peng Peng said...

oh congrats to Leah for all her achievements ("i" before "e" except after "c"... i always think of that).

hope u feel better soon! this weekend promises near spring like weather for illinois!

Theresa said...


Congratulations to Leah... I can tell you're so very proud of her. :) Hope you feel better soon. :)



Outside the Box Primitives said...

CONGRATS...don't kids just make our days!! (in one way or another!!)hugs, robin