Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Move over Betty!!

The fenugreek is the light yellow powder.

I have been cooking a lot! I really like Indian food. My buddy Peng Peng got me started on Samosas. They are potato filled fried dumplings. They used to be served at a restaurant she frequented, at the all you can eat Indian buffet, then the owner wised up and offered them only ala carte. So thus my curiosity was piqued, and I had to try to make some. One of my favorite cookbooks is "World of the East Vegetarian Cooking " by Madhur Jaffrey. So I used her recipe. I had to make some substitutions, but I can reveal that the end result was very edible. It is a very labor intensive dish to make, and I CHEATED!!! Instead of making my own dumpling wrappers, I used pre-made wonton wrappers. It worked out really well, and my daughter helped fill and seal the dumplings as I fried them.

Boil in skins 4 potatoes, cool and then peel, and dice, set aside.

my spices are in the little bowl. I minced my parsley and set it aside too. This picture shows right before I diced the potatoes.

Put in small bowl and set aside, 1 and 1/2t salt,1t ground coriander, 1t garam marsala, 1 t fenugreek, (my substitution for anardana)1/4 t cayenne pepper. Set aside 2T fresh lemon juice.

Mince, 1/3 green pepper, ( or use 1 green chili pepper, and I am guessing she means jalapeno).

Chop enough for 3 T, italian parsley; (since I dont know what chinese parsley is!)

1/4 t ground ginger, mix with 3t water, set all this aside.

You need: 1 C frozen peas (thawed in microwave)

I medium onion, minced

4 T vegetable oil

In a large fryingpan

sautee the onions until golden, then add the peas and cook until heated through,

then add the potatoes and all the rest of the ingredients, mix well. cook for 3-4 min, stirring well. allow to cool.

Using a teaspoon, take the potato filling and make balls, put in the center of a round wonton wrapper, wetting the edges of the wrapper, and put another one on top and pinch edges tight.

Fry in oil , 2 inches deep of oil, in a deep fry pan, turning over once, until golden brown.

Enjoy with cilantro and Mae Ploy Thai Sweet chili sauce.

Warning, it will take far less time to consume than to prepare. And this is the lazy chef version!

You can make your own wrappers. Next time I will try this lady's version. Wish me luck, isnt her rolling pin the cat's pajamas?

Mixing it all together, the final step before cooling and filling and frying.

Drain on paper towels.

Tomorrow I will show off the baguettes I made today. So stay tuned!

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Folksie Linda said...

Oh Pam those looks so good.. i love veggies and spicy food so much.. i am definitely going to try out this recipe..they look so so good! Yummy! Hugs, Linda