Monday, January 19, 2009

A few still lifes from my studio

Here a few nuances to last evening. I thought the light in my studio was pretty. The woodstove gives off subtle glow. So I wandered about, taking a few snaps.
A tiny wax angel flies from a basket handle.

A jumble of things, poor dolly needs some arms!

A gold leaf transer image on the clock case door.

My faux battenberg lace etched door to the wrap around porch. It really glows at night.

Me, modeling my newly made earrings. I bought the little Eiffel Towers on Etsy and strung them with a mix of antique and plastic beads.


Ginie-Lee said...

Hi Pam, I love the pics from your studio it looks like a lovely place to work, my studio is having a facelift soon, I fancy getting a copy of Where women work for inspiration.
Love the earrings!!!!

Peng Peng said...

finally more studio pics! I love all the antiquey stuff you have. poor dolly with no arms...salvaged and sweet :O)

sreetzbears said...

Hi! I love your work and would like to share my blog award with you!Please visit my blog for more details.Thank you!~~~~Sharie

Atticbabys said...

Dropped in to say Hi and see what you are up to gorgeous! Love the bling!

Danita said...

Hello!!! So nice to see your face :)