Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Collaboration Fairy Tale with Vivianne Galli

Hi friends, it's here on eBay, our long awaited one of a kind special set. Take a look here!

It is really adorable if I do say so myself! Vivianne did the auction template and custom logos, she is a very talented designer! It is a pleasure and honor to work with her.

I have been subbing at school a lot, and Leah has had the awful virus that is going through the schools. Friday a kid threw up on her books, she was in the bathroom cleaning her books and missed the bus on Friday. I was able to pick her up on my way home from school.
Sunday night the drama began, and my tour of duty involving Clorox and rubber gloves! Suffice to say her mattress did not survive the event. Oh it was horrible but she is better today and school didn't bother to call me in today, I spilled the horrible details yesterday am when they called, no doubt to sub for someone else out sick!

It was nice to see our collaboration and a great detour away from the sick bay duty!
I made a hug pot of roasted veggie stew and that went fast! Now what's for dinner tonight? I think frozen pizza!!

Enjoy, Pam


Peng Peng said...

Love this collaboration!! Cute story Viv wrote to go along with it :O)

Getting ready for Tofurky day?

btw, i tagged you!~ the rules are posted on my blog.. in between cooking stop on over and see what it's about ;O))

Atticbabys said...

Oh Pam that bear and her wee blue duck are off the charts cute!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Hey Pengy, its veggie lasagne day here at Kingfisher Farm, and salad with Pomegranite seeds!! I wrote the fairytale, and Vivianne worked her visual graphic magic with the auction layout and photos! Its so sweet, I want it to be a book! Pam