Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For the New Moon

Here I am, with my formerly feral cat, claiming me from my rescue puppy, yes it is he, the little murderer! Behind me is Bunny's hutch, but he has now gone on to a new home. We kept him for 5 yrs, and it was nagging to get Leah to care for him. Now he lives with a young family of 3 little boys, so he will get lots of cuddles. The picture is blurry because we figured out some quirky knob on the camera had been turned just a hair. Technology is so tricky!

I have been working I swear! And thrifting. I brought home something, for once, that delighted my husband. It was this:

Hubby said he had one just like it as a boy! He said, you have to unscrew the lid to put a half dollar in it. Gosh remember when getting a coin like that in your birthday card was a thrill?

And here is a fall collage that will be part of a pinkeep. I have several pretty blue hens. I must confess that I have never made blue hens before! I am just getting wilder in my old age I guess.

I am gearing up for my update in October 28th, at 12 noon central, with new things, among them blue hens! So mark your calendar, and see what the light of the new moon brings to Kingfisher Farm!


Peng Peng said...

Awesome!! Wow, blue hens?!! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the *new moon* ;)

ps. you're so lucky to have both kitty and puppy hugs simultaneously lol!

pps.love the pic of the olde wagon, is it on your farm?

Kingfisher Farm said...

Hi PP yes that wagon is mine, it is an oat seeder, and it was given to me by Carl Becker, who used to drive a team of mules. When I asked him where is the seat? He laughed, and said well, you had one hand on the reins, the other you were shoveling oats from the wagon into the hopper, you didnt have time to sit down! It goes nicely with my Blue Moon theme, doesnt it? Pam