Monday, October 27, 2008

A Change in the Schedule

What was I thinking?? I have a conflict with the update I planned for the New Moon tomorrow. It will now be at 2 pm central time on Thursday, the 30th! I hope you all don't mind waiting 2 extra days! Please join me then, Pam


Peng Peng said...

hi P, i'm sooo looking foward to see what you've come up with! exciting!

wanderlustnpixiedust said...

Your creations are so adorable. I would think that it is sometimes difficult to part with some of your friends? I know that I would get so attached to everyone.

I'm growing attached to some of them already! Several of the elephants, the bear wearing a top hat, Ebonie...

vintagepaletteart said...

Hi Pam.....just had to stop in and say HI! Your newest creations are absolutely adorable and would you look at the size of that mushroom!!! WOW!!!!

I haven't ate wild ones since I got sick on some Morels that my mom fried up and I had a beer with them too. I think someone told me, after the fact, that it was the combo that did it............not sure if they were just pulling my leg or it is really true............perhaps you know?

Have a Happy Halloween!!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Hi Peng Peng!! I'm working on a lunar mobile...right down to the wire!
Pixie Dust, what a darling name! Yes hard to part with some of my babies. But then I make more!!
Lori, beer and morels sounds good to me.....maybe you overdid it?? Who knows, you do have to cook wild mushrooms well. Pam

CARole said...

Hi Pam. The little elephant is just adorable. I have to say I love the old painted breadboard too.