Monday, July 21, 2008

The corn is as high as an elephants eye

Scenes from walking or jogging the dogs out here in the middle of nowhere. I do this almost everyday. If you dont run sporting dogs they drive you nuts, and all my dogs are sporting dogs or crosses! Note the little guy, Sparky, beagle dachshund with his nose to the ground! He's still a puppy, and runs about 3 times as much as the big ones, unless they run off and abandon us. Then he cant keep up.


La Donna Welter - Vintage Photo-Oil Artist said...

Thank you for sharing these, that means that the corn was knee high by the 4th of July! : )
La Donna

Folksie Linda said...

What a beautiful view..are the cornfields yours Pam? Just dropped by to say hello and see how you are! Hope you are having a wonderful summer! Hugs, Linda