Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Barn Cat Breakfast

Yum yum, Brody and Clairebelle enjoy the morning meal.

Fresh hay, and home to the barn cats. We're all set for the winter. It cost a small fortune this year, and I wonder what will happen to all the horses out there not as fortunate as mine.

This is Bo. He is Lacey's mail order husband! He's docile and shy. Bo and Lacey are Brahma's.

See? What did I tell you? He is off to hide, or eat breakfast. Yes our chickens play soccer and prefer a pink soccer ball.

Here is Madame Lacey herself. She is quite dignified, and patiently awaits her turn to drink. She, like Bo, isnt pushy. But she's quite talkative. She comes running when she hears me calling. Oh the mistress of the house always brings me goodies! Lacey lays big brown eggs.

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CARole said...

Hi again. I love seeing photos of your homestead!! Let's me more! Love the last photo of the chickens/roosters? Beautiful!