Thursday, April 24, 2008

A welcome sign of spring!

I adore my violets. They grace my lawns each spring. This past year was so harsh, hot and dry, then cold and icy. The lawns have suffered, but whoever said violets shrink obviously knew nothing of their hardiness. They never disappoint even under the harshest of midwestern winters.

Sparky is showing off my new bear from Japan. I could not resist! I know, I know, I make bears, but I still covet the work of others!

My dogs Red and Sparky. Bindy is missing from the picture, she preferred to take a nap somewhere away from the boys!

My bluebird still has no bids. I am stymied as to why. I think he is wonderful, but I am biased.
Hooray, he has a bid today 4/25, he ends tomorrow thankyou dear bidder!,

I am working on new things, new ideas, and not sure if I will offer them on eBay, my website, or Etsy. I have to set up shop there! Its such a vibrant community I seem to be missing out of the fun. When I get set up I will post a link, and do let me know what you think!


vintagepaletteart said...

Love the puppy pics Pam! cute! Love your bluebird too and those violets! How pretty! Mine are just plain purple. I love your two-tone ones! Amazing!


Kingfisher Farm said...

Lori I would be happy to send you some seeds!! Pam

Christine said...

those are really beautiful violets and your "puppies" look like sweet guys...
your little bluebird is very sweet, look how happy he is, singing his little heart out.

spring is just the balm we all are needing, glad to see it's visiting you.

ps.thanks so much for coming to call on me, what a lovely note you left for me.
thank you!

CARole said...

Hey Pam. i wanted you to know that that little bluebird is very nice. i hope you get what you want for him. I love the violets too. I have a picture on my blog of violets. That's my mother's name, so i always think of her when i see them.

Folksie Linda said...

your bluebird is wonderful, i think it is rough in the economy so don't take it personal as your work is wonderful Pam! Keep going and i love the violets! Hugs, Linda