Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm Indie!

If it's cool, creative and different, it's indie! So says Catherine Andrews of CNN. "Indie" describes an independant artist working without corporate sponsorship. I'M INDIE!!! And have been for years. So that means...........I'm COOL!
I have been hinting about my new brainchild. It's my baby. My idea. My new domain, my new creative focus. Its fun. Its fresh. In committing to her, I am still trying not to keep one foot in Kingfisher Farm. I will still live here, the farm is my home. My creations have taken on a new identity. You may have noticed that in my current work. I am planning a huge celebration to take place soon. And you will be invited. If you like Indie.....come and play.

1 comment:

fribbles said...

Oh, you're lovely too! What a pretty face, I hope I look half as good in the future.

And I can't wait to hear/see your latest! Am very excited to see what's next!