Saturday, April 12, 2008

Green Finch and Linnet Bird

No! Its a Robin! On eBay.


Donna O'Brien said...

Darling!!! And I have to tell you, Sweeney Todd and the Beatles...right up my alley!!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Thankyou Donna! You must get the version recorded with Angela Lansbury and Len Carou! This is the album featuring this soprano....she was incredible! Pam

Nancy said...

Love your new little robin pinkeep...adorable!


Folksie Linda said...

You are marvelous Pam at making these make do's ...the robin is adorable not to mention the beautiful egg he is on top of!! Beautiful! Hugs, Linda

Bumpkin Bears said...

oh i love that little robin, just so sweet :) Catherine