Monday, December 3, 2007

Sweetness on Ebay!

Here she is! My latest Ebay offering, starting tonight, Monday, and ending in one week. I have started bidding at only $9 with no reserve! Have I lost my mind?? lol! Maybe!
She is so sweet! Pam


Kitty Forseth said...

Oh how SWEEEEEEEEEEEET! I just love her Pam! She'll be bid up, no worries!! My bidding finge is itching, hee hee!

Your snow pics are breath taking, especially the horsey pic :). My husband was just at his parent's horse farm in South Dakota, it snowed 9 inches while he was there, and it got to -6 degrees, yikes!

Keep warm, and Happy Holidays!

xo Kitty

Brenda said...

Hi Pam -- I came over to see your horses! LOVE the snow pics, and as always, your creations are precious!!

Sam I Am said... pretty!!!!!! i love it pam :)